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North West Marine Distributors - CT41/42 and Series 8000 Wiper Controllers

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Product Features

  • Small size control panel – even for complex systems
  • Individual and group control features
  • Multi-speed operation
  • Automatic self-parking
  • Variable intermittent modes
  • Separate control of wiper de-icing heaters, heated windows etc
  • Plug and play connectivity, meaning easier installations
  • Wash Wipe/Air Purge option
  • Illuminated control panel with dimming facility

CT41/42 and Series 8000 Wiper Controllers

Both of these Control systems (8000 Series on the left, CT41/42 on the right) are suitable for use with this motor.  Please click onto an image for further information.

Wynn Marine Series 8000 ControllerHepworth CT41/42 switch