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NWM Suppliers of Treadmaster

Product Features

  • The world leader in anti-slip decking
  • Luminous with exceptional slip resistance
  • Grip pads extremely versatile
  • Many applications include steps, ladders, walkways, pontoons and bathing platforms
  • Unaffected by UV exposure and sea water
  • Provides a high degree of insulation
  • Reduces reflective glare from deck surfaces
  • Resists chemical effects of oil, fuel and other commonly used substances
  • Available in two colours

Treadmaster Glowtec

Treadmaster has introduced Glowtec, a genuinely remarkable and innovative product combining Treadmaster's renowned anti-slip qualities with the latest technology in luminous polymers to create the ultimate safety deck covering.  Glowtecs luminous and anti-slip qualities identify areas of risk.

Glowtec Grey:

Glowtec decking material - luminous and anti-slip in grey

Glowtec White:

Glowtec decking material - luminous and anti-slip in white



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