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Series 5010 Product Features

  • Cost effective, compact, off-the-shelf window washing module
  • High water pressure through adjustable nozzles giving total window spray coverage
  • Heated water giving rapid dispersal of salt deposits
  • Detergent injection to remove grease and oil residue
  • Air purge facility to clear water line
  • Optional anti-freeze mix for arctic operations
  • High quality and proven components to give reliable and long-life service
  • Flexible network controls

Wash Systems

North West Marine Distributors offers a complete range of window wash system components to meet the washing needs of our customers.

The product offering range includes:

  • Domestic pressurized systems components
  • On-demand reservoir and pump combinations
  • Stand-alone continuous pressure systems
  • Project specific stand alone pressure systems
  • High pressure Network Controlled Bridge window wash systems

Series 5010 Window Washing System - ideal for washing bridge windows.

Wynn Series 5010 Window Washing System

The Series 5010 Wash System has been designed from the ground up to compliment Wynn's existing range of marine window wiper systems. As a compact off-the-shelf module, the 5010 makes the design, purchasing and installation of complete window washing systems more efficient and cost effective.

Benefits of the Series 5010 include total window spray coverage through high pressure nozzles, rapid dispersal of salt deposits through heated water, efficient removal of grease and oil, operational in Arctic conditions, flexible network controls and remote operation.