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NWM Suppliers of Treadmaster

Product Features

  • The world leader in anti-slip decking
  • Exceptional slip resistance
  • Durable and comfortable in wet and dry conditions
  • Unaffected by UV exposure and sea water
  • Provides a high degree of insulation
  • Reduces reflective glare from deck surfaces
  • Resists chemical effects of oil, fuel and other commonly used substances
  • Available in four colourways.

Treadmaster Atlanteak

Decking material that combines the look and feel of Teak with the non-slip characteristics of Treadmaster at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Atlanteak black:

Atlanteak decking material - black

Atlanteak silver:

Atlanteak decking material - silver

Atlanteak teak:

Atlanteak decking material - teak

Atlanteak white:

Atlanteak decking material - white



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