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Marine Suncreens play an important role in managing glare from sunlight and heat within the wheelhouse. NWM offers high quality Visi-Plus marine sunscreens that provide clear and safe vision in situations where sunshine and glare need to be countered.

Ideal applications for the Visi-Plus marine sunscreens include:

      • Windows on the navigation bridge,
      • Windows on the wheelhouse
      • Windows on the control rooms fact any windows where an operator requires a clear unobstructed view. The Visi-Plus sunscreens are at their best in bright sunshine, however they also offer calmer vision in fog situations. In addition to managing glare, the sun blinds have very strong heat absorbing qualities in the summer and offer extra insulation to the windows in the winter.

Sunscreens are are offered in different variations ranging from a cost-effective light model, to the more elaborate cassette models. All models are supplied with first class foils based on rolling systems and customers have the choice between chain, spring, corded and electric control systems.