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Monitor Marine Deckware

Product Features

  • ¼ turn compression handle
  • Ideal for larger hatches & thicker panels
  • Easily customised to accommodate thicker doors panels & internal attachments
  • Finger shutter plate to finger pull
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Cam operated locking mechanism
  • Flush fitting
  • Watertight
  • Secure key locking
  • Complete with installation kit
  • Available with internal release for crew cabin installation

Flush Top Hatch Handle

Monitor Marine products are available in a variety of finishes - please click here for more information.


100mm Flush Top Lock Hatch Handle

100mm Hatch Handle
(Flush Top)

Part No. SuperYacht finish2115-F  
              SuperYacht finish2115-F-SY

Performs the same function as the smaller 80mm model. Introduced due to the demand for uses on heavier and larger hatches. The system also incorporates an increased diameter lifting handle.

Monitor Marine DeckwareWeight: 1.18kg approx.

____________________________________________________________________________________________100mm Hatch Handle (Deep Reach)

100mm Hatch Handle
(Deep Reach)

Part No. SuperYacht finish2115-F-DR  
              SuperYacht finish2115-F-DR-SY

Supplied with a deeper reach cramping beam. Ideal for larger hatches and thicker panels. Clamping and locking ¼ turn with a cam operated compression mechanism.

Monitor Marine DeckwareWeight: 1.18kg approx.

____________________________________________________________________________________________100mm Hatch Handle (Crew Cabin)

100mm Hatch Handle
(Crew Cabin)

Part No. SuperYacht finish2115-F-CC  
              SuperYacht finish2115-F-CC-SY

External locking ¼ turn with internal release for crew cabin installation.

Monitor Marine DeckwareWeight: 1.53kg approx.


Customised 100mm Hatch Handles

The above model 2115/F/CC can easily be customised for very thick panels.

Image below illustrates a customised handle.


100mm Hatch Handle with Rear Shootpin Unit

Snapshut Latch Standard

View 100mm with rear shootpin unit