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Lavac Toilets - Zenith

Lavac Zenith was discontinued in 2006. We maintain an extensive supply of spare parts, contact us for details.

Lavac Zenith

  • Reliability - only moving parts are in diaphragm pump
  • Simplicity - one pump operation
  • Durability - Porcelain bowl with rugged pump
  • Ideal for use with holding tanks
  • Hand or electric options
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Left & right discharge options

Lavac Zenith product codes

This simple well-proven marine toilet will give continuous, trouble free service.  It can be installed above or below the water line.  After use, simply close the seat and lid to complete the closed circuit seal.  As waste is pumped out, the vacuum formed draws in replacement flushing water.

Lavac Zenith illustration