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Muir Windlasses

Product Features

  • Polished stainless steel components
  • Rope chain combination gypsy for rope and chain combination or chain only
  • Rope Chain Management System (RCMS)
  • Quick release integrated swivel chain pipe cover
  • Gypsy with low profile clutch top arrangement
  • Heavy duty marine grade, dual direction motor in 12V and 24V DC, Hydraulic
  • Independent gypsy and capstan operation
  • Capstan model features heavy duty knurled finish for increased grip
  • Quick fit adaptor
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Cone clutch/brake
  • Stainless steel mounting bolts
  • Shaft seal
  • Self lubricating bush
  • Clutch release handle
  • Installation/Operation booklet

Muir Vertical Storm VR/VRC 2200

The Storm Stainless Steel Range from Muir epitomises the latest in anchor windlass technology.

Muir Storm VR/VRC 2200

Designed for vessels up to 25m (85ft), and in low profile and capstan configurations, they offer fast powered retrieval, smooth rope chain combination operation, reduced installation time, style and unbeatable reliability. Manufactured from polished stainless steel components the Storm Windlass will weather the harshest of conditions.

Storm Windlasses represent the pinnacle of reliability and performance and are packed with the features and quality you have come to expect from Muir. Designed on the principals of the award-winning Atlantic series with all its features and more.

The range is backed by a three year warranty and supported by an extensive world-wide sales and service network.


VR/VRC 2200
Vessel length
12-15m (38-48ft)
Motor Wattage
Hydraulic Pressure
10MPa (1450psi)
Hydraulic Flow
15 litres/min  (4 gal/min)
Max load
1000kg (2200 lb)
Work Load
125kg (275 lb)
Amps Work Load
Max Line Speed
15m/min (50ft/min)
Chain Size
6-8-10mm (1/4" - 5/16" - 3/8")
Rope Size
12-14-16mm (1/2" - 9/16" - 5/8")
Net Weight
DC VR 23.5kg (52 lb) - DC VRC 25kg (55 lb)
HYD VR 22.5kg (50 lb) - HYD VRC 24kg (53 lb)
316 Stainless Steel
Standard Equipment
RCMS, Footswitch, Handle
Manual Override System