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Muir Windlasses

Product Features

  • Deck-hugging snag free design
  • Unit can be mounted horizontally
  • Luxury chrome finish over marine grade bronze or 316 Stainless steel
  • Capstan features heavy duty knurled finish for increased grip
  • Heavy duty dual direction motor in 12 & 24V, AC & Hydraulic
  • Self aligning gearbox/adaptor
  • Stainless steel shaft and mounting bolts
  • Shaft seal

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Muir Inline Vertical Capstan

Designed to suit vessels up to 26m (84ft) the Muir range of capstans provide reliable and heavy duty operation for mooring, warping and anchoring for all recreational and commercial applications.

Muir Inline Vertical Capstan 800

Efficient and quick they can be installed independently or as a complete system with windlasses. Manufactured to the highest quality standard, featuring heavy chrome and gear drive assembly.

Accommodating varying deck thicknesses, they are popular for line hauling and fishing purposes. Available in 12 & 24 volt, Hydraulic & AC options.


Vessel length
11m (36ft)
Motor Wattage
Max load
180kg (396 lb)
Work Load
36kg (80 lb)
Amps Work Load
Max Line Speed
39m/min (128ft/min)
Chain Size
Rope Size
Up to 22mm (Up to 7/8")