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Manson Anchors

Product Features

  • Immediate set: cuts through weed and grass
  • Super high holding power
  • Dual shank anchoring
  • Formed flukes and carefully weighted tips
  • Exceptional performance in a wide variety of conditions

Manson Supreme Anchor

Manson now leads the next generation in anchoring technology with the Manson Supreme.

NWM - Manson SupremeAnchor

Immediate Set
Cuts through weed and grass, sets immediately, typically load bearing in only the length of the anchor itself.

Super High Holding Power
It uses a roll bar to self right, weight and strength can be redistributed into the load-bearing fluke, first production anchor in the world to be certified by Lloyd’s Register with SHHP.

Dual Shank Anchoring
The twin slots on the anchor shank enable use in all seabed types. Before anchoring you can switch the anchor mode onto slot that suits the seabed condition best. With formed flukes and carefully weighted tips these anchors perform exceptionally well in a variety of conditions.

NWM - Manson Supreme Anchor features
NWM - Manson Supreme Anchor features 2

Manson Supreme Standard sizes

NWM - Manson Supreme Standard sizing

Manson Supreme recommended sizing specifications

Anchor sizing should be interpreted as a guide only. Many factors influence anchor size selection ie, whether the boat is a heavy displacement or a light displacement craft and how much windage the vessel has. The chain size, weight and length is critical to anchor performance and if in doubt use larger chain. Finally the vessel usage should also be factored in ie whether the anchor will only be used as a "lunch pick" in fair weather for day outings or indeed whether the vessel will be going on extended coastal or offshore cruising. If in any doubt about anchor selection always use a bigger anchor, in bad weather or motoring failure, it is the only thing you can rely on to save the lives of you and your crew.

NWM - Manson Supreme sizing chart

NOTE: The Supreme is a Super High Holding Power Anchor, so a size smaller than the Plough may be used - ie 30lb Plough may be replaced with a 25lb Supreme.

NWM- Manson Supreme Anchor anchor selection